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To hear her clients say, “we love our new home” – that’s music to Barbie-Siu Jipp’s ears. This stay at home mother of 5, former banker turned music therapist turned real estate professional has been in the business for over 15 years. “I liked music a lot, but I love real estate,” she says, “It’s as if everything I did in my life before now led me here.”

Barbie-Siu’s faith has propelled her along a path of helping people and she’s found the perfect fit in the business of real estate.

“ God has a better picture of people’s lives than we could ever have. I think people see that desire in me to look out for people’s well being and trust that I’m not just in it for the money,” she says, “I’ve seen people in really tough situations and hope that I’ve helped them see beyond the situation and helped them get to a better place."

You can rest assured that the negotiating skills Barbie-Siu brings to the table, coupled with her absolute integrity will provide an outcome that is fair to all involved. She believes in the “under-promise/over-deliver” credo of business.

“I never promise things that I don’t believe I can deliver. I never lead my clients on and I thoroughly cover the job,” she says, “I don’t just write the paper. I cover the whole picture for my clients. I don’t want to sell someone’s house unless it’s the best thing for them. I’m working to establish long term clients.”

“I see this company as making sure I’m successful in what I do. They provide all the tools I need to make that happen,” she says, “There’s a wonderful sense of team spirit and integrity here. I really want to take other people along with me, so I try to give back to the people I work with. There’s no satisfaction in success for me unless there are others with me.”

If you want to work with a real estate professional who will give you her full attention, give Barbie-Siu Jipp a call today.

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